Opening Reception:
November 29, 2005   6pm – Midnight
plus Performances by artists:
-NINA DOTTI “The Wedding Cake”,
-NELA OCHOA “I Could Be You Could Be Me” and

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space / At Wynwood
3326 North Miami Avenue
at Wynwood Circuit,  Miami, Florida 33127
Phone: 305-576-1645 Fax: 305-576-1646

Reception for Art Basel Venue:
December 03, 2005    6pm – Midnight
plus Performances by artists:
-NINA DOTTI “The Wedding Cake”,
-NELA OCHOA “I Could Be You Could Be Me” and

Breakfast for fun (During Art Basel)
You are cordially invited to have breakfast and
“mojito” drinks at our gallery on:
December 1 – 4 from 10am to Noon


“Hardcore Art Contemporary Space”

About our Show and Hacs the New Gallery:

Hardcore Art Contemporary Space (HACS) is a new space in the Wynwood Art District specialized in cutting edge and contemporary art whose General Director and owner is museologist Andreina Fuentes Angarita. Hardcore Art Contemporary Space has a huge space of 6.250 square feet dedicated to cutting edge proyects and artists. HACS offers an Artist in Residence Program for artists and curator’s proyects.

HACS will open during ART BASEL venue on November 29, 2005 with an adventoruous show “HARDCORE MENU: SAMPLES & DISHES”  that features more than 30 artists on installation, digital photography, performance, video art, drawings and contemporary paintings. The same night, HACS will also present two other hardcore shows, “MEANS OF PROVOCATION” at the Fight Club Miami (120 NE 20th St. Miami Fl. 33137) focused on boxing and art, and “IDENTITY OF A SCENE” at the Rock Group (276 NE 60th St. Miami Fl. 33137) focused on hardcore photography. These three exhibitions propose a new type of ideological activism defined as “hardcore art”, a new aesthetic category already functioning in Europe since 2003 that focus on religious, economic, political and social critical issues.

The two nights of the opening (November 29 & December 03, 2005) there will be at HACS gallery (3326 North Miami Ave.)  four performances: Nina Dotti-“The Wedding Cake”- dressed as a bride  will pass out the wedding cake and will marry  the audience. Nela Ochoa -“I Could Be You Could Be Me”  dressed as a homeless woman will walk around the neighborhood to interact with locals and with public. Sylvia Riquezes-“The Blob Is Back”- will distribute “pieces” of the Blob, the cinematic and imaginary monster. Nestor Prieto and Juan Maristany-“Mesopotamia Express” –  a will present a collaborative video installaton and performance about the Irak/Mesopotamia geographical zone and its emblematic meanings about Civilization and War. Nela Ochoa will present her unique performance “I Could Be You Could Be Me”.

HACS participating artists are:
Kuki Benski, Nina Dotti,  Hanna Migliavacca, Nayari Castillo, Carlos Enriquez,Giovanni Basile, Josefina Posch, Ana Landau,  Eugenia Vargas, Odalys Valdivieso, Rochi Llanezas, Lucia Pizzani,  Cesar Rojas, Nelson Garrido, Aisen Chacin, Debora Castillo, Ani Villanueva, Leonor Mendoza, Sydia Reyes, Andres Michelena, Ana Martinez,  Marcos Raya, Nela Ochoa, Liliana, Evelyn Valdirio, Sylvia Riquezes, Luis Salazar, Asdrubal Colmenarez, Maricarmen Carrillo, Antuan, Alvaro Garcia Ordoñez, Adriana Barrios, Deborah Castillo, Julian Navarro, Juan Maristany, Nestor Prieto, Guerra de la Paz, Douglas Voisin,  among others.