When the Shops at Midtown Miami opened in Wynwood, few would have thought the eyesore would have inspired neighbors to an aesthetic overhaul. But tonight at 7:00, as part of this month’s Wynwood arts crawl, Nina Dotti draws a bead on the rubbish heap blighting the horizon. At Hardcore Contemporary Art Space (3326 N. Miami Ave., Miami), she has converted part of the gallery into a cheesy dollar store. “Dotti’s 99cents Clichés” features aisles and aisles of blue-light art specials that poke fun at stereotypes of women in our shop-till-you-drop age. Outside Hardcore, Sydia Reyes ratchets up the retch factor with “Urban Bread,” an alfresco installation in which her half-baked loaves are concocted from wheat before being cast in iron. Call 305-576-1645, or visit www.hardcorecontemporary.com.

Downwind, Diana Lowenstein Fine Art ladles out “Tiny Events” by Silvia Rivas, whose group portraits flash-freeze the faces of Argentina’s young and poor, upon whom bubbles, flowers, and geometric blotches rain poetically. In the Project Room, Guillermo Srodek-Hart’s “Animalia” depicts a barnyard utopia where man and menagerie cohabitate in eerie bliss. A video shows the artist during his sleepover with Jackson, a two-year-old goat. “I was the alien in his world and was not sure about his reaction to my presence. I tried to direct my actions toward reaching a state of conciliation between both of us,” the artist muses. Call 305-576-1804, or visit www.dlfinearts.com.
Sat., Nov. 10, 2007

Source: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/