Next Friday, May 13th, Miss Wynwood will continue her campaign for the Presidency of the United States, and will visit the De Hostos Senior Center to share with senior citizens that live there. She will also visit the Vidamax Medical Center to celebrate the month of the mother.

Miss Wynwood was named the matron of the Hostos Senior Center on February 12th, 2016, while she performed the “In The Pink Performance” during the National Cancer Prevention Month. She also gave an important donation of materials and equipment for the dining hall.

Now, Miss Wynwood returns to the Hostos Senior Center to deliver 100 shopping-carts so that the center’s users may move foodstuff and daily articles more easily.

Established on 1978, the De Hostos Senior Center offers services to senior citizens from the community that include free meals, transportation for medical treatments and recreational, cultural and social activities. The Senior Center is currently experiencing a delicate situation produced by certain mandatory evacuations.

With this performance Miss Wynwood strives to bring once again to the public opinion this delicate situation, so that the government of Miami may take action to prevent the relocation and the complications it will cause to the elderly that live there.

On that same day, at 2:00 PM, Miss Wynwood shall also present at the Vidamax Medical Center, where she will share and celebrate with female patients from said center during the mother’s month, and where she will deliver presents and good-energy.

Performance at the Senior Center De Hostos

Where: Friday May 13th, 2016

Hour: 12:00 pm

Where: Senior Center de Hostos

2902 NW Second Ave. Miami

Performance at Vidamax Medical Center

When: Friday May 13th, 2016

Hour: 2:00 pm

Where: Vidamax Medical Center

721 NW 21st Ct, Miami, FL

Miss Wynwood is a performance that the Venezuelan artist Nina Dotti first performed during the 2014 Art Basel Fair. From that point on she has performed several times with themes that vary from arts to politics.

Nina Dotti explains that “although Miss Wynwood is a parody that strives to attract the spectator, our actions seek to connect with social action programs that benefit the community”. This is not the first time that an artistic activity includes aesthetics and politics in a contemporary speech that in turns materializes in concrete actions that benefit the community.

One of Dotti’s most distinct works is the creation of Wynwood’s cote-de-arm and flag, and the inauguration of the FAFA Party that offers with humor and satire a fun alternative to the republican and democratic parties that currently lead American politics.