Caracas, Venezuela

The Asociación Venezolana de Artes Plásticas (AVAP) and the National Committee of the International Association of Art AIAP/UNESCO granted the Armando Reverón Award to cultural promoter Andreína Fuentes for her contributions to the advancement and promotion of cultural administration at the international level.

The prominent professional trajectory of Andreína (Nina) Fuentes as promoter of the arts in Venezuela and around the world expands almost two decades. In 1996 Fuentes created the Fundación Arte Emergente (FAE) to promote emerging Venezuelan talent internationally.
She currently lives in Miami where she has created organizations for the promotion of art and the preservation of cultural heritage, particularly from Venezuela. Her initial contribution there was the opening of the Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, a gallery located in the Wynwood art district. Today she promotes art by organizing artistic and educational activities at The Chill Concept Museum, the Arts Connection Foundation, and at the Institutional Assets and Monuments of Venezuela (IAM Venezuela).
At The Chill Concept Museum, Fuentes promotes and offers a space to Venezuelan artists working in several artistic disciplines. Emerging and prominent artists working in the visual arts, theatre, design and literature of Venezuela are represented in the yearly cultural program offered at the space in Wynwood.
The award ceremony was held on May 10, 2015, to mark the National Day of the Visual Artist in Caracas. The award is a high-relief of Armando Reverón created in bronze by visual artist Abigail Varela.