Venezuelan artist, although a Miami resident, Nina Dotti, will exhibit her performances “Take the load off” or “Despójate” and “Premium Menopause Satisfacción (PMS)” at the Palazzo Bembo and the Palazzo Mora in Venice, Italy. The exhibitions take place under the “Personal Structures” project organised by the Global Art Affairs Foundation during the 2017 Art Biannual in Venice.

Starting on May 13th until November 26th, these two palaces will feature two of the most renowned performance projects of Nina Dotti who, through her work, experiments with issues related to what is feminine and, at the same time, universal: menopause, taboos, solitude and fears.

Through the use of different interactive stations the public will be able to walk throughout the result of two participative performances. Both exhibitions are organized by the Global Art Affairs (GAA) Foundation, which on 2002 began the project “Personal Structures” on which artists from different latitudes and working spheres are gathered in a sort of forum between creators. Ever since 2011 these shows are presented during the Biannual in Venice as a parallel event. Entry is free of charge.

“Despójate”/ “Take the load off”

This performance features a group of women gathered to collectively burn all their fears and anguishes in a bonfire as a sort of collective liberation act of individual emancipation. This activity previously took place on 2015 exclusively with women at Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and on 2016 at Miami, USA, where it also included men Each participant had the possibility to throw a piece of paper where they had previously listed all those fears and memories that made it difficult for them to take actions and evolve. The idea is that people take conscience and write what has made them take wrong decisions in life, explained Dotti, who also adds that it will be possible to take a hold of a better future with this liberation.

At the Palazzo Bembo, the public will find three images that collect the experience in Bolivia, and will also be able to sit in a little desk placed in the room and write their own fears in a piece of paper, so that they may deposit the paper in a bowl. These texts will be burned later on, once the exposition is finished.

See a video of the performance at Bolivia (2015)

“Premium Menopause Satisfacción (PMS)”

On this performance Nina Dotti takes her personal experience of going through a surgical menopause at age 33 to analyze this topic as a taboo that is feared and poorly discussed between women. The purpose is to address it as a fun reflection and to provide tips to enjoy that stage of life. Thus, with “Premium Menopause Satisfaction (PMS)” the public is invited to collectively relax in a room that will include tablets to interact with the “PMS Lounge App”. This app, created by the artist, includes content – mainly, videos of 20 seconds of length – that are related to the problems of menopause from a sensible point of view. “The PMS Lounge App strives to provide effective information about menopause under the impact of new technologies.

I propose strategies to transit menopause with complete satisfaction”, points out Dotti. The second station shall provide a shelf filled with erotic toys, and a third station will display reproductions of the emails exchanged with the Apple corporation where they announce the censorship of some of the content of the app.

This shall be the third time in which Nina Dotti will display this presentation shown as a performance on 2016, at La Juan Gallery of Madrid, Spain, and at the Contemporary Museum of Art of Zulia (Maczul), of Maracaibo, Venezuela.



Length: from May 13th to November 26th, 2017. (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Time: de 10 am to 6 pm.


-Palazzo Bembo: Riva del Carbon #4793, 30124, Venice, Italy.

-Palazzo Mora: Strada Nuova #3659, 30121, Venice, Italy.




Born in Caracas, Venezuela (1968), Nina Fuentes or “Nina Dotti” (her artistic pseudonym), is domiciled and works in the city of Miami, USA. She graduated in Museology and History of Art at the Universidad José María Vargas in Caracas, and she also took courses of drawing and sculpture at The Art Students League, in New York. The development of her artistic practice assumes different creative strategies that include the performance, creative encounters of participative nature, as well as videos, presentations and photography. Her proposals are ruled by conception of artistic practice as social undertaking, through the point of view that enables the interaction between what is individual and collective, what is public and private.