16:00 Elite Men (standard distance) Sunday, August 14, 2022. 3:27 pm. (If your name is not there please check the next age group). 16:10-16:40 Bike Check Out Elite/U23 Women 19:25-19:55 Start Final A Elite/U23 Men 11 Sep, 2022. ICC Test Championship; ICC ODI Championship; Twenty20 Internationals PO Box 25, Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions Cookies. Loughborough, 16-19 Male AG Sprint; 20-24 Male AG Sprint; 25-29 Male AG Sprint; 30-34 Male AG Sprint; 35-39 Male AG Sprint; 40-44 Male AG Sprint; 45-49 Male AG Sprint; 4) Email adress 13:20 F50/F55/F60/F65/F70/F75 Olsztyn is the largest city and the capital of region of Warmia and Mazury. Venice-Caorle, Italy Start Lists. [1] The event exactly coincided with, but was not officially part of, the 2022 European Championships. Sport reservations contact: they have a chance to feel the blow of the history and later discover its present face at Olsztyns planetarium. 16:10-16:25 Swim Warm Up Elite/U23 Women Final B 08:13:42 Start Paratriathlon PTWC2 Women MIXED TEAM RELAY JUNIORS RACE MAP - https://tiny.pl/9nj31 The European Triathlon Union (ETU) was established in 1984 to develop the future of triathlon across Europe. ul. General Contacts: Please direct enquiries to agegroup@britishtriathlon.org or 01509 226 183, Team Manager: Please direct enquires to Jon Cowell, email; joncowell@britishtriathlon.org. 18:05-18:40 Transition Area Open for Elite/U23 Women Final A / Elite/U23 Men Final A The multi-sport European Championships was the biggest event in Germany in 2022: a must-attend event for Munich . . All airports provide a variety of food and beverage locations. Event Search; . Entry details for this event will be released once they have been confirmed by Europe Triathlon, Entry fee payment deadline 2 - 07/04/2023, Entry fee payment deadline 3 - 24/04/2023 9am. 100 days until 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza. 15:45-16:30 Athletes Lounge Open/Registration for Elite/U23 Women It's almost showtime on TriathlonLive.tv. To Pre-Qualify for the 2023Europe TriathlonEuropean Championship race, athletes must finish in the top 10places in their age group and be one of the first three British athletes to finish in the 2022Europe Triathlon EuropeanChampionship race. WELCOME TO EUROPE TRIATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS OLSZTYN 2022, FB GROUP FOR AGE GROUPERS - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1344342216084026/, HOTELS INFO - https://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/NF_Hotels_Olsztyn_v.2_2.pdf, TRANSFER INFO - https://www.triathlon.org/uploads/events/olsztyn_ec2022_tranferinfo.pdf. 8) Email address Poland, Visit the official 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Olsztyn website, For the latest World Triathlon news & promotions, . 10:00-10:30 Elite/U23 Bike Course Familiarization by Yiannis Christodoulou / Feb. 14, 2022 Mental health is such an important thing these days; it's ok to not be ok, but it should not be neglected at all. Athletes who register after 5pm on the deadline for a qualification race but then compete in that race will not be considered eligible for qualification from that race and their registration will only cover the remaining races. 8) Other useful comments 3 Europe Triathlon Regional Championships and 2 events for the European Youth Olympic Fesival as outlined below: The President of the European Triathlon Federation, Renato Bertrandi, said: l am very proud of the great Race Calendar that, with the help of our NFs, we have been able to announce at our CCs meeting.It will offer opportunity for everybody as the races will be spread all over Europe.I want to focus particularly on 2 Events.The European Triathlon Championships on Olympic distance that will take place in Munich and the Multisport Festival in Bilbao.In Munich, as it was in Glasgow, our Sport will be staged with other disciplines, Athletics, Gymnastic, Cycling, Rowing, Beach Volley, Climbing and Table Tennis.We will race in the Olympic Park and it will be a fantastic opportunity to promote our Sport.I am sure that all the best European Athletes will be present on that occasion.In Bilbao, in September will take place the 3rd Edition of our European Multisport Festival.The location is great and I encourage all Elite and Age Groupers Athletes to be part of that memorable experience., And the ETU boardmember and the ETU chair race comission Herwig Grabner said: I would like to thank all the LOCs once again who organized great races for us in the difficult pandemic period in 2021.The individual careers of our future stars are particularly important to us. Saturday 13 August 2022 - 1.5km / 40km / 10km. 17:00-17:30 Start Elite/U23 Women Semifinal 1 Olympiapark. 2022 World Triathlon Championship Series Cagliari. The 2022 season is shaping up to be a very exciting one, counting 31 events, in 17 different countries. Triathlon Termine Ironman, Challenge 2022, 2023, Ergebnisse, Triathlon Bilder, Termin Kalender, Triathlon News, Ergebnisse und Triathlon Fotos Store ; Login; Events . *Please note, that there may occur waiting time for other planes passengers up to 2 hours. Saturday 13 August: Elite Men - 16:00 (local), 15:00 UK time. 18:00-18:30 Bike Check Out Elite/U23 Women 9) Accommodation address in Olsztyn [1] Event was part of 2022 European Championships multi event. In response to the email, you should receive information about the proposed form of transport and costs. ETU.TRIATHLON.ORG The European Triathlon Union (ETU) is the European governing body for the Olympic sport of Triathlon and for all related multisport, and is recognized by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) as the Continental . 1) Elite/U23 and Junior Supersprint semifinals (Friday / 27.05.2022) 11:43-11:48 Call/Introduction Junior Men Semifinal 3 The feedback has been outstanding (rated 5.0 from 100's of testimonials), and recently we've also added further personal coach time 16:53-16:58 Call/Introduction Elite/U23 Women Semifinal 1 Toregister click on the blue 'Register' button above. 14:15-14:45 Start Final A Junior Men 7:00 Age-Group Sprint !!! The Europe Triathlon Championships are the main triathlon championships in Europe organised by Europe Triathlon. *Please be informed that we have a limited availability of cars, therefore early booking is advisable. Consistency key for Buckingham ahead of Anfi Challenge Mogn-Gran Canaria - Aquabike (AG) Hosting everything from international championships to nail-biting football matches, the Spanish capitalis a must for any sports lover. Karolina Turewicz / 0048 509-237-857 / team.poland@triathlon.pl, Labosport Polska sp. Over 45 thousands people study in the largest of them University of Warmia and Mazury. Friday, August 12, 2022 22/9 Cross Triathlon European Championships (Urdaibai - Bermeo) 23/9 Aquathlon European Championships (Getxo - Portugalete) . Carlos Cuadrado The standard distance triathlon as contested at the Olympics is the classic among the different distances and will be part of the European Championships Munich 2022. 10:43-10:48 Call/Introduction Junior Men Semifinal 1 The registration is closed. AG: https://briefings.triathlon.org/olsztyn-ag 13:25 M65/M70/M75/M80 Hear from the leading athletes in the men and women's fields, such as Laura Philip and Sam Laidlow, ahead of this summer's Challenge Roth. PQs from 2022 deadline to register is Friday 16/09/2022 5pm. 18:55-19:25 Start Final A Elite/U23 Women Details of rolldown places can be found. 17:35-18:05 Technical Break (Transition Rebuild) Mixed Team Relay World Champions already this year in Montreal, the all-conquering French team delivered on their pre-race favourite status. 2023 . 08:45:00 Start Paratriathlon PTS5 Men 18:00-18:30 Online Briefing Age Group, FRIDAY, 27.05.2022 BCDE Events 17:30-18:00 Start Elite/U23 Women Semifinal 2 The transfer is guaranteed only for requests made sent before May 20th !!! 17:15 Elite Women (standard distance), Saturday, August 13, 2022 12:50-13:20 EXTRA BREAK ETU/LOC/VOLO Eastbourne Triathlon 11.06.2023 - TriBourne Multisport Events. ICC Test Championship; ICC ODI Championship; Twenty20 Internationals 08:30-09:00 Start Junior Women Semifinal 2 17:23-17:28 Call/Introduction Elite/U23 Women Semifinal 2 Nicolaus Copernicus is the most famous person in the history of Olsztyn, where he managed goods and defended the city from Teutonic forces. 18:00-18:30 Online Briefing Age Group, The briefing will be available the day before the event at the below links: Cross Triathlon - Elite, U23, Junior, Para AG Briefing Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/OB1kjFRAUhJTQoOB8Bdh3LTVg3iaGa1GHWrPb6EZRC-BlWWCXWi96n4IeUR4RAdq.vewx7z7rkvVddvL5. Cross Duathlon - Elite, U23, Junior, Para Briefing Recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/UXo7SXwZfwPWFFws-wI8_XfPTRqcbBL3QJeF0Cpxr_7OCunRduAr4EuPqmBaCgw6.KkWZDbADWt1JtjyM?startTime=1663593085000. 08:27 Start Elemental Kids Aquathlon 0,1-0,5 (9-10 yo.) Motociclismo. 12:55-13:40 Athletes Lounge Open/Registration for Elite/U23 Men 09:55-10:30 Transition Area Open for Mixed Team Relay Juniors The championship will feature a mix of professional and amateur drivers, competing in Formula Regional cars that conform to the FIA Formula Regional regulations for the championship. All of the events are set to be broadcast on World Triathlon's TriathlonLive.tv service, but as noted above, in the UK at least, you should be able to watch the events live across the various BBC outlets. 08:00-08:30 Start Junior Women Semifinal 1 . 12:55-13:30 Transition Area Open for Junior Women Final A / Junior Men Final A Watch the Mens & Women's Sprint Duathlon at the 2022 Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships Bilbao - Bizkaia! 11:13-11:18 Call/Introduction Junior Men Semifinal 2 The briefing will be available the day before the event at the below links: Duathlon - Elite, U23, Junior Briefing recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/dz4gEU9JBDcDUK4LT-0VslPQ-fPyTtAs90hEA8bylD3I8jg2vCOYszRs6G9zSkkw.y48CjMDBMTjKlKEl, Duathlon - AG Sprint and Para Briefing Recording The tournament began three days after the conclusion of the 2022 Commonwealth Games.. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Munich, The iconic, world-champion-crowning, World Triathlon race series. Registration closes 5pm Friday 19/08/2022. For the first time Triathlon will be part of the EYOF which is a huge step forward for the next generation athletes. Subscribe here to receive our weekly newsletter with our most popular news! Please see point 8.3 in the. The shedule of the event includes: 10:00-11:00 Paratriathlon Swim Course Familiarization 08:00-09:00 Bike Check Out Polish Cup 11:50-12:20 Start Junior Men Semifinal 3 View all of our Olympic Triathlon coverage! 16:00-16:30 Online Briefing Elite/U23/Junior/Mixed Team Relay Junior 1) Name and surname of passenger/passengers TheETU is the European governing body for the Olympic sport of Triathlon andfor all related multi-sport such as Paratriathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon, LongDistance Triathlon, Long Distance Duathlon, Cross Triathlon and WinterTriathlon. In 2012 I watched the Brownlee brothers on the telly come 1st and 3rd at the London Olympics and knew nothing about Triathlons; I wasn't running and I couldn't swim. 10:45-12:15 Start Mixed Team Relay Juniors Athletes must have a Core or Ultimate British Triathlon membership. Our online store (in Spanish) sells artisan souvenirs. by Yiannis Christodoulou / Jul. The biggest advantage of the city is its unique location among the forests and the lakes. The Age Group race will be a sprint distance and draft legal race, The briefing will be available the day before the event at the below links: Race Format: 07:20-07:40 Swim Warm Up Paratriathlon Couples Championship . The 50-year-old from Weston-super-Mare took top prize in the 50-54 age group at the national showpiece sprint race, hosted by Cardiff Triathlon, securing a spot at the . TRANSFERS IN OLSZTYN View all of our Olympic Triathlon coverage! For the first time, there will be four events at the European sport climbing championships: boulder, lead, speed, and combination boulder & lead, which will also feature in the next Olympic summer Games at . 15:15-15:45 EXTRA BREAK ETU/LOC/VOLO Olsztyn is the largest city and the capital of region of Warmia . . 07:04 Start Polish Cup 0,4-10-2,5 Youth Women From there, they will complete five laps . 1. 09:10:00 Start Paratriathlon PTS5 Women 2022 Europe Triathlon Duathlon Championships Bilbao - Bizkaia, Yeezy does it in the UAE as Alex Yee delivers superb WTCS Abu Dhabi gold, Beth Potter powers to first Series gold with dynamite display at WTCS Abu Dhabi, Para Cup Abu Dhabi gets the 2023 Para Triathlon season underway in UAE, 2023 Americas Triathlon Cup and South American Championships Villarrica, 2023 Americas Triathlon North American Junior Championships Sarasota, 2023 Americas Triathlon Para Championships Sarasota, Vincent Luis - Down the Blue Carpet interview, 2023 World Triathlon Season: ALL ON THE LINE, 100 days until 2023 World Triathlon Multisport Championships Ibiza. 1) Name and surname of passenger/passengers Qualified athletes will be notified by e-mail and will be marked with a 'Q' next to their name in the registered athletes list. Tri Training Harder Camps. Once registered, athleteswill receive a confirmation email and will be added to the registration list below. In addition to the two Elite races for men and women, the city will also host the Para Triathlon competition and two age group heats in the sprint and standard distances, whereby the finish line for the latter is at the Royal Palace. There are 20 places in each age group. European Championships Munich 2022: sport climbing (11-18 August) From 11-18 August, almost 300 sport climbers from 26 nations will compete in the heart of Munich in eight medal events. 11:30-12:00 Juniors Swim Course Familiarization !!! https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/T5CCOOR3LMH29iE9pgPs-5IA4ceFTi8WpGkZCEkadclprF9nFrDtQeOaPzeE8eRM.z2-2Z9hWfsxmKyEa, Duathlon - AG Standard Briefing Recording: Munich, Germany. 16:28-16:33 Call/Introduction Elite/U23 Women Final B - Sprint Distance Duathlon (Elite, U23, Para, AG, Junior) Today four Olsztyns colleges maintain this science tradition. 17 Feb, 2023. 16:00-19:00 Transition Area Open for Age Group and Polish Cup, SUNDAY, 29.05.2022 To be eligible for the Australian Championship status, you must be a current Relevant financial Triathlon Australia member by midnight Thursday prior to the event. 08:33 Start Elemental Kids Aquathlon 0,2-1 (11-12 yo.) More than 2,000 athletes from over 30 countries will participate in the competition and Madrid will be crowned the European capital of the Triathlon. 18:05-18:35 Bike Check Out Elite/U23 Women Final B / Elite/U23 Men Final B - Cross Duathlon (Elite, U23, Para, AG, Junior) The EventOverviewBerlin & Glasgow 2018Munich 20222026 & BeyondThe EC Medals & Trophy, Media & InformationClass of 22Munich 2022 VenuesEC2018 Results, EC BrochureGlasgow 2018 Evaluation Report, SportsAthleticsBeach VolleyballCanoe SprintCyclingGymnasticsRowingSport ClimbingTable TennisTriathlon, About ECMBroadcastersHostsSponsors Contact Us. 17:40-18:25 Athletes Lounge Open/Registration/Race Package Distribution for Elite/U23 Women Final A and Elite/U23 Men Final A View all of our Olympic Triathlon coverage! 10:25-10:40 Swim Warm Up Junior Men Semifinal 1 OLSZTYN RZESZW TRANSFERS It is an athletes responsibility to check they have registered for the correct event and that their name appears in the list of athletes on the event webpage. The Europe Triathlon Age Group Sprint Championships will be integrated into the European Triathlon Championships Munich 2022 - themselves part of the multi-sport European Championships in the German city next year - as announced Thursday 13 August by Europe Triathlon, the German Triathlon Union (DTU) and the Munich 2022 organising committee. 12:55-13:25 Bike Check Out Junior Women Final B / Junior Men Final B 14:33-14:38 Call/Introduction Elite/U23 Men Semifinal 2 Further details regarding pre-qualification can be found within the pre-qualification policy - Sprint Distance Duathlon (Elite, U23, Para, AG, Junior) . If you need testing to travel to or from Poland please contact LOC to get needed information. Anyone using the shuttles provided by the travel partner must be informed that the use of mask is mandatory. Please click here for draft legal race guidance. In the city of 650 years history live over 170 thousands people. This may take 2 weeks. Soon more details will follow about the European Championship Multisport with the Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Cross Duathlon and Club Mixed Relay continental championships. There will be no need for pre- event testing. 0048 793-794-205, THURSDAY, 26.05.2022 The European Triathlon Union (ETU) is the European governing body for the Olympic sport of Triathlon and all related multisport events, and is working to develop the future of Triathlon across Europe. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 2022 Europe Para Triathlon Championships Olsztyn, 2022 Europe Triathlon Championships Olsztyn, The iconic, world-champion-crowning, World Triathlon race series. THURSDAY, 26.05.2022 Triathlon; Pferdesport; . 3) Phone number 10:00-10:35 Transition Area Open for Junior Men Date: 4 camps from March to July 2023. Open roads. 13:30 M55/M60 2023 World Triathlon Season: ALL ON THE LINE. Mandatory online registration form, to be filled in before registration. Once again, the crowds were out in huge numbers for a . The 2022 European Championships were the second edition of the European Championships.It was a multi-sport event which took place in Munich, Germany from 11 to 21 August 2022. ATP Calendar; ATP Rankings; WTA Calendar . 2023 Europe Triathlon Championships Madrid will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of June. If you need transport from Olsztyn to Rzeszw (host city of the Europe Triathlon Elite and Junior Cup/Sprint Distance June 4th) - please write an email to wynajem@wagnertransport.pl, containing the following information: Email title TRIATHLON / OLSZTYN-RZESZW TRANSFER Celia Miall wants to keep spreading the word about the virtues of triathlon after a successful year which included success at the British Sprint Distance Triathlon Championships. 09:30-10:00 Technical Break (Transition Rebuild) Check the official website https://www.triatlonbilbaobizkaia2022.eus/ for the most up to date information, - Middle Distance Triathlon (Elite, Para, AG) World Triathlon Event: 2022 Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships Bilbao - Bizkaia 17 - 24 Sep, 2022 Bilbao and Bizkaia Province, Spain . 18:48-18:53 Call/Introduction Elite/U23 Women Final A 18/9 Age Group Standard and ParaTriathlon European Championships (Bilbao) I headed out on Thursday 23rd of September in the early morning to Valencia for the European Sprint Triathlon championships which was my debut for the GB Triathlon team. 13:10 M30 07:10-07:45 Transition Area Open for Junior Women The city has been selected to host the 2023 European Triathlon Championship. We do ask everyone to take appropriate measurements in case of illness or possible infection hazard where additional medical examination is advised before registration. 6) Accommodation address in Rzeszw Official Reservations Contact 08:52:46 Start Paratriathlon PTVI 2/3 Men The race is the first of WTCS 2023 series and will be held over the sprint distance. The Spanish Triathlon Federation and Madrid City Council have been working together since 2002 on the ongoing organisation of international events, boosted by the citys favourable location in Spain. The European Triathlon Union (ETU) was established in 1984 to develop the future of triathlon across Europe. FIA ERC4 Junior: For drivers aged 27 and under on 1 January 2022 in Rally4 and Rally5 cars on Pirelli control tyres. 18:30-18:45 Swim Warm Up Elite/U23 Women Final A For the latest World Triathlon news & promotions, The iconic, world-champion-crowning, World Triathlon race series. Home F1; Calendario 2022; Classifica piloti; Middle Distance and Aquabike Briefing recording: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/ee3qnkEIdSztFAlo_E04ZdgGBvO330E2qwEp7f0IAdwYP4gAw42WF1K6N-QKV4fH.2LCIKTmvNx68inI-, Check FAQ's document on documents section, Daniel Marquez Sprint Triathlon; Olympic Triathlon; Sprint Duathlon; Swim. - Standard Distance Duathlon (AG) PARATRIATHLON RACE MAP - https://tiny.pl/9nj35 1. The four-day competition is held during the centenary year of the Republic of Turkey, and features 13 . Registration closes 5pm Friday 13/05/2022 23/9 Aquathlon European Championships (Getxo - Portugalete) 24/9 Aquabike European Championships (Bilbao), Bilbao, Santander, Vitoria and San Sebastian, Information regarding accomodation and transfers 08:23 Start Elemental Kids Run 500 m (7-8 yo.) Location. 09:30-10:15 Athletes Lounge Open/Registration for Mixed Team Relay Juniors 1. 2021 Valencia. 13:40-17:00 Race Package Distribution in race office for Age Group / Slot nr 2, Polish Cup and Elemental Kids 13:00 M18/M20/M25 10:30-11:00 Juniors Bike Course Familiarization If you use a Hotmail, outlook or work email address please check your junkmail, we find these email addressesoften send our emails to the junkmail inbox. Results from the 2022 Europe Triathlon Duathlon Championships Bilbao - Bizkaia 17 - 18 Sep, 2022 Bilbao, Spain. Soon more details will follow about the European Championship Multisport with the Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Cross . 17:05-17:20 Swim Warm Up Elite/U23 Women Semifinal 2 Alex Yee won two gold medals - in individual and mixed relay events - at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. This will be a 10 day event where Bilbao and Bizkaia are expected to host more than 3,000 athletes. 06:00-07:30 Athletes Lounge Open for Paratriathlon For the latest World Triathlon news & promotions, The iconic, world-champion-crowning, World Triathlon race series. Fill in the online pre-event questionnaire through the World Triathlon website (link) Registration Process Age Group: 1. UEFA European Football Championship; UEFA Champions League; UEFA Europa League; FIFA Men's World Ranking; General Links. (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), 2022 Europe Triathlon Multisport Championships Bilbao - Bizkaia, The iconic, world-champion-crowning, World Triathlon race series. 13:00-13:30 Elite Press Conference . Madrid plays host to professional basketball games, high-performance athletics events and elite tennis championships. With this sporting event, the most important of the Olympic cycle for the Paris Games in 2024, Madrid is once more hosting an international competition for this highest level discipline. Registration closes 5pm Friday 10/06/2022, Qualifying Race 3Woodhorn Museum Triathlon - 09.07.2022- VO2 Max Racing Events. 14:40-15:10 Start Elite/U23 Men Semifinal 2 Montemor-o-Velho 2023 . 14 Aug 2022. The 2022 Europe Triathlon Cup will consist of 7 events and take place in 7 different countries. Closed roads. Most famous monuments of Olsztyn are gothic castle, Cathedral of Saint Jacob and Upper Gate located on the boarder of old city walls. These will start to be issued approximately 1 month after the final qualifying race. The swim will be a 750m lap of the Marina, before the athletes run 250m to T1. 2. You need yourHome Nation membership number and password to log in. The 2023 European Rally Championship is the 71st season of the FIA European Rally Championship, the European continental championship series in rallying. BALA Standard Triathlon 03.09.2023 - Tough Runner UK. The event staging model has proven to be innovative and cost-efficient - very attractive and good value in comparison to other multi-sport events - with cities encouraged to use existing . Olympic champion Kristian Blummenfelt will miss the opening WTCS event of the season in Abu Dhabi this week due to illness.. With our unique Triathlon Europe Cup for elite and juniors, we create the platform for Europes rising stars to develop.The 2022 calendar is going to be great again. 11:20-11:50 Start Junior Men Semifinal 2 2) Proposed date of transport The Bilbao Bizkaia 2022 European Multisport Triathlon Championship makes its calendar official: ten days, six European titles and five venues. The 2022 World Triathlon Multisport Championships will take place in Targu Mures from June 6 to June 12 with Duathlon, Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon contested in the Romanian city. Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) 65 Eur per person one way (bike included)
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